Crossroads – A Poem by Neomi Vira

Should I do what my heart says is right
Or should I feed my brain ?
The former fills me with fright
But the mere thought of the latter makes me insane .

My heart advises to seek my passion
A passion that would fuel my fire
Without which , my future , my heart can’t imagine
But I wonder if my heart is a liar .

My brain says , “Take the safer path.”
The path having thousands of promises to make
This path that has been taken by many others in the past
But inevitably, this path would cause a heartache .

At both these path I stare
Both looking equally right and wrong
Onlookers warning me to take my next step with care
While I think , “On which path do I truly belong?”

So I ask some of the onlookers for advice
They tell me to listen to my brain
For the first path is like the throw of a dice
And the second would hardly cause me any pain .

With turmoil engulfing my mind
I pause and introspect
I think and I think till the end of time
And finally I take the first step .

Now that from these two choices I am free
I know I made the correct one in the start
And a tide of relief washes over me
As I watch the sun rise on the path chosen by my heart .


Hope – A Poem by Neomi Vira

Even when the wind is strong,
You find one flickering flame.
This flame that keeps you going along
Even in the darkest phase of the game .

This flame, at times is hard to find ,
Like the grain in a heap of hay
You just have to know where to look inside your mind
And the grain would peep at you like sunshine after a rainy day .

In the sound of your beating heart ,
In the gleam of your mother’s eyes ,
In music , in dance and in all forms of art ,
You find this flame like a catalyst in your rise .

This flame is eternal
You feel its warmth in contests and in wars
It is like the light at the end of the tunnel
And it spreads from my heart to yours .

Every sunset is followed by a sunrise
A great view follows a steep slope ,
Thus , you’ll find this flame even in shadows of discordant cries ,
This omnipresent flame - the flame of hope .


Maktub – A Poem by Neomi Vira

  (Arabic - Everything is written) 

“Maktub” , the alchemist said 
But is he even that well read to be correct?
Or is it just something we tell our selves before going to bed
After a day filled with mistakes and dread . 

 “The universe is conspiring” he said
But is it so ?
For the beggar’s child is still unfed
And the commoner is still in regret 
For being the multimillionaire ‘s pet ,
And for being part of a system in wreck.
“Money can’t buy happiness “, the multimillionaire said
Words the commoner can’t comprehend 
He feels the multimillionaire is far too blessed 
For he doesn’t have to think before he spends . 

The multimillionaire feels a pain in his chest
The shares have gone down and he is stressed
The beggar’s child’s life is hanging by a thread 
While his father thinks on how to bring home some bread.

Is this the universe’s conspiracy?
That the multimillionaire be stressed
The beggar’s child be upset 
And the commoner be in constant debt 
If that be so,
Then we are all messed
For light years ahead. 
Is this maktub ?         


The Path – A Poem by Neomi Vira

Where the path leads
No one ever really knows .
With it’s traveler ‘s sins the path bleeds
With his thoughts it grows.

His final destination is a mystery indeed
But the traveler has an image in his head
An image drawn by greed
Or one drawn by need instead .

Should he go where the wind blows?
Or should he act like a rebel ?
With every step he tries to see where he goes
But that is something only time could tell .

The traveler falls on the ground
And he curses the path then ,
But realises that he is safe and sound
For the path taught him something as it had to several men.

The path only wants to know the one it is being travelled by ,
But alas ,the traveler only wishes to fight it’s several layers
Failing to see that when he prays looking up at the sky
It is actually the path listening to his prayers .

Layer by layer the path is unravelled
For after falling time and again
The traveler learnt that he needed to be friends with the path he traveled
To know the path’s how , what and when .

The more he unravels the path
The traveler smiles but with a heavy heart
For the path keeps getting more complex.
Well , wasn’t that it’s beauty from the start ?


Escape – A Poem by Neomi Vira

Escape like a bird out of a cage ,
Like my thoughts escape into words on this page .
Escape with calmness or with rage
It is your time to shine on life’s stage .

Escape and for once soak in the sun ,
Like all the knots are now undone .
Escape like bullets from a gun
Piercing each enemy one by one .

Escape to the less trodden lane ,
Like water drops escape the clouds as rain .
Escape like it is the only thing that can keep you sane
For now , life for you is too mundane .

Escape to the soaring sea and set sail ,
Like a prisoner running out of jail .
Escape like a woman getting rid of her veil
And your escape would make a timeless tale .

Escape like warm air escapes morning tea ,
Like a seed escapes the soil and grows into a tree .
Escape for your mind longs to be free
For the road ahead is a sight to see .

Escape and let go of all inhibiting ties ,
Like the tears escape your eyes .
Escape just as you are or in a guise
Maybe an escape is needed for your rise .

Escape for now there is no need to hide ,
Like the escape of a runaway bride .
Escape even if there is no one else by your side
For awaiting you might be a marvellous ride .


Overthinking – A Poem by Neomi Vira

What keeps me up most at night
Are questions only about me
Are my opinions wrong or right?
And am I different from the other fish in the sea?

You’d think I’d know myself best
Now that its been 17 years
But I find myself in a never ending contest
Between me and my baseless fears.

Why is it that I only overthink
When the room is lit by moonlight
In the day , I feel like I am in complete sync
And I feel like a puzzle to solve by the night .

Who I am and what I will be
That is what I wish to know
What is written in my destiny
And what is it that will help me grow ?

The person I see in the mirror
And the person my mind wants to see
I wish I could bring these two people nearer
Even though both of them reside within me .

So I am and I will keep trying
To make these two people one
For right now both of them are crying
While I ponder upon which one is the moon and which the sun .

All these questions are like mountains I am yet to climb
From these questions I wish to be set free
Overthinking is only my way of killing time
But its actually the time killing me .


The Stream-A Poem by Neomi Vira

I know a girl ,
Stuck behind four walls ,
Imagining fantasies .

I know a girl,
Head filled with bouncing balls,
Thinking about who she used to be . 

Science seems no logic to her,
She is the one to believe in love ,
She sees stars in me
But I...

She brings with her a beam of light 
She keeps me home through day and night 
She keeps me warm and alive 
But I...

Yes , she has a dream 
Yes , she has a goal 
A girl by the stream 
It is for me she mourns.

Yes , she has a present 
Yes , she has a past 
A girl by the stream 
For how long will it last ? 

For she is the girl by the stream 
But I...
I am the stream 
I am the four walls 
I am the dream 
I am the bouncing balls .